Kohl's Department Stores Catch Some Rays


With its Laguna Niguel, Calif. store now running partly on sun juice, Kohl's is well on its way to completing its switch to rooftop solar energy. The store chain is installing solar electric systems at 63 of its 80 California locations, which at completion, will represent 15 percent of the state's photovoltaic setups, to date.

At 25 megawatts, the total projected capacity of Kohl's solar arrays will outstrip that of the top five largest completed photovoltaic systems in the United States combined, says Clean Edge News.

Once completed in 2008, Kohl's estimated 138,000 solar panels will generate more than 35 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy per year, or the equivalent of powering roughly 3,087 California homes, while offsetting over 28 million pounds of carbon dioxide in its first year alone. ::Clean Edge News

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