Why is a metal growler better than a glass one?

metal growler
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Microbreweries have long been at the forefront of local foods movement, and along with this sustainability-minded approach to drinking comes a distaste for disposable containers. Many drinkers of craft beers opt for re-fillable growlers, reducing the environmental costs associated with single-use cans and bottles.

Klean Kanteen, a maker of stainless steel bottles, is releasing a stainless steel growler design this fall. So, why is a metal growler better than a glass one? Phil Notheis, Director of Product at Klean Kanteen, has several reasons.

First, glass breaks and that’s particularly worrisome when transporting beer on bike. “City dwellers are getting more mobile as bike infrastructure is on the rise, and mountain folk are just plain adventurous – so it’s no wonder that there’s a growing demand for more durable beer growlers to fit in with more active lifestyles,” said Notheis. “Aside from being beer fans, we at Klean Kanteen support the elimination of single use, glass bottles or aluminum cans. We do that with durable, obviously shatter-proof stainless steel growlers.”

Then, there's the problem that translucent growlers and poorly fitted caps can both lead to beers getting skunky, problems that an opaque body and clamp-top can solve. Finally, the narrow mouth can make cleaning tricky. Notheis said the Klean Kanteen design has a large mouth opening that is "just plain easier to clean” and "nice round corners in our bottles also help.”

The growler will be offered in 64 ounce and 40 ounce sizes. If you already own a Klean Kanteen water bottle, one cool feature of this growler is that the top is compatible with the classic design. Klean Kanteen is a member of 1% for the Planet. You can read more about their manufacturing practices here.

There are also a number of stainless steel growlers on the market already, including Bräuler and Hydro Flask, both of which Ezra Johnson-Greenough at New School Beer reviews favorably.

Why is a metal growler better than a glass one?
Klean Kanteen to offer shatter-proof growlers.

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