Kitschen: Kitschy Repurposing of Old Fridge Parts

kitchen image

Most old refrigerators go straight to the dump, avocado green drawers and all. Toronto's Urban Product (which we learn about from Chicago's Apartment Therapy, go figure) takes old plastic bins and makes wood cases to fit around them, with rare earth magnets to hold knives.

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They call it Kitschin, which goes well with their play on words for their table made of hockey sticks called Schtick Shift

schtick-table image

They complete their collection of yiddish puns and adhocist designs with the schtick-hanger.

about-urbanproduct description

Influenced by Canadiana and with a natural abilty to transform and re-purpose everyday objects, urbanproduct produces works for the home including living, bedroom and kitchen production pieces. Functionality, affordability and an ecological awareness lead designs from initial concept toward a high quality, unique final product set aside from current design trends and stereotypes by the designer’s quirky, streamlined and elegant visual dialogue.

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