Kitchen Design for the Future: Whirlpool's Green Kitchen Concept


Take a moment to gaze into the crystal ball at Whirlpool's recently unveiled green kitchen design concept. Taking everything that you need from a kitchen and integrating it into a smart, efficient system, the concept promises to cut way back on waste -- energy, water, and heat all included -- to the tune of increased energy efficiency of up to 70%.


It "diverts" 60% of the water and heat generated from appliances to fuel other functions and appliances, rather than just tossing it aside. For example: the heat produced in the compressor coils from running the fridge -- the one appliance that cycles on and off, 24 hours a day -- is used to heat water for the dishwasher, rather than just wafting out into the kitchen. And speaking of the fridge, it uses a drawer fridge that saves energy by preventing cold air from slipping out every time you open the door.

Sadly, it remains but a concept, so we'll take it as a sign of things to come, and hope the efficiency systems in place, if not the kitchen itself, catch on to help save energy and resources in kitchens soon. Until then, check out our How to Green Your Kitchen guide and cross your fingers that the future will get here soon. ::Yahoo! UK via ::Freshome

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