Kitchen Cart by Muji -- There's a Whole Kitchen in There!


TreeHugger is a fan of smart use of a compact space, making a lot from a little and creating function from a previously unused area. You get all of that from this handy little kitchen cart from Muji. The erstwhile "Japanese IKEA" has managed to nearly fit an entire kitchen into this diminutive cart, giving you a flat workspace, two drawers, a double-door cabinet and shelving on the back. It probably wouldn't do for a family of five, but would be indispensable in something like the Micro-Compact Home. As we continue to aim to pare down living to maximize function and minimize extraneous stuff, objects like this kitchen kart will become increasingly important and valuable. It's available from the MoMA store now; New Yorkers can pick one up at the new Muji store starting later this year. ::MoMA via ::Blue Ant Studio

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