Kisho Kurokawa 1934-2007

Prefab pioneer Kisho Kurokawa built the iconic Capsule Tower in 1972. As a leader if the Metabolists, he advocated "a shift from "machine principle" to "life principle" in his work and architectural designs based on themes including ecology, recycling and intermediate space." (::AP)

Hugely influential among architects in the 70's, metabolists thought cities would become large, flexible, extensible plug-in megastructures. ::(WP) Other well-known built works include Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum, described as a bridge between Western rationalism and Eastern asymmetry, and Melbourne Central, a hub of shopping, entertainment and dining behind the train station in Australia's second city. His plans for a New City in Kazakhstan include "human-made forest and rainwater recycling to create a "sustainable city of the 21st century."

Kisho Kurokawa, dead at 73.

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