Kevin Deevey's Backyard Home Office

Ottawa architect builds home office in back yard photo

Ottawa, Canada is the second coldest capital city in the world, after Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Not the kind of place that you would expect people to be building home offices in the back yard, but architect Kevin Deevey did. It is a simple, modern design with commercial aluminum window frames, dark exterior plywood and a bit of corrugated metal.

From the architect's website: "This backyard studio is more of an experiment than anything. The program involved simply getting a small, quiet workspace into an otherwise cramped and full New Edinburg semi. The solution was to build a decorated shed in an otherwise shady and secluded part of the rear yard. Measuring 10' x 10', the "hut" accomodates a table, chair and a precious grey market motorcycle." Greater detail in ::PDF here. ::Kevin Deevey Architect via ::Shedworking

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