Keep Warmer With the TURN Rotating Fireplace

turning fireplace image

Image via Conmoto

The TURN Fireplace, designed Schweiger & Viererbl, is a beautiful solution to effective room heating. It can be rotated 360 degrees, then locked in a position at set increments. Rather than having the warmth on one side of a room never reaching the far wall before, this design puts the fireplace back where it's supposed to be - smack dab in the middle of the room. Gizmodo points out that while it isn't as pretty as the Gyrofocus (which is remarkably similar to the Fireorb), the TURN Fireplace sits in the middle of the room and rotates so it warms everyone on all sides.

As described at Conmoto, "The cosy view of the fire can now be enjoyed from every conceivable angle. This means that fireplace planning is no longer tied to the living room environment and offers the desired scope for change...The requirement for heat takes centre stage."

It's an effective way to keep a room warm, disbursing heat more evenly so a second heat source isn't needed, and certainly frees you from hovering at the hearth to soak up warmth before venturing over to the other icy cold side of a room.

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