Keep Calm With Posters By Douglas Wilson

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Letterpress is literally a dying art; the inks were toxic and printers often died young. It is almost completely extinct, practiced only by a few hobbyists and craftspeople. As a teenager I used to visit a neighbour who did letterpress in his basement; I loved watching his hands fly over the galleys of type and I loved the way you could actually feel the letters pressed into the paper. Graphic designer Douglas Wilson loves letterpress too, even though he acknowledges that "it will force us out of house and home."

Wilson delivers simple messages that resonate in these difficult times, preserving a technology that we may need again someday.

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Frugal use of type.

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Of course I am not going to miss a chance to deliver this message.

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Douglas Wilson in his studio in Springfield, Missouri. See more of his work at his website onpaperwings and purchase a selection of his work at the Keep Calm Gallery, purveyors of the classic WWII poster:

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