Kattbank: An Odd Multi-Tasker for the Cat Lover


Though sort of an odd pairing, Kattbank is a multi-tasking bench that might be perfect for cat owners short on space. Realizing that nobody wants to have to stare at a litter box in the living room (or wherever it is), they designed this clever bench that makes it easy to tuck the litter box out of sight. It helps make use of your space -- no square footage is taken up by the litter box -- and also helps keep the floor clean of random litter (there's a grid inside that essentially functions as a door mat for kitty paws).

While the idea of sitting where your cat uses the bathroom isn't the most appetizing for us all (though with proper ventilation, we could see it working), we like the utility behind the design and the concept that we should stop at nothing (not even kitty poo) to further incorporate space-saving, multi-tasking designs into our lives; it'd go great with Square Cat Habitat or these Gehry-esque cat trees.

Hit the jump to see more details on how it functions (and one hilarious photo of a Kattbank user). ::Kattbank via ::2Modern Design Talk


The inner workings of the Kattbank; a grid on the floor helps keep the litter from sticking to kitty's paws, vents in the site help keep air moving through the box, and all interior parts are removable for cleaning.


This one was too funny not to post.

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