Kalon Studios: Beauty That Inspires Excellence


Inspired by the Greek philosophy of "kalon," meaning to have beauty linked with moral worth and usefulness, Kalon Studios extends this ideal to their work, making products that aren’t only beautiful in form but beautiful in concept as well. They've created a small collection of beautiful, modern, sustainable furniture -- a crib and changing trunk for kids, plus a chair and set of nesting blocks -- that are "kalon" in every sense of the word. Our favorite is "Isometric Chair (pictured above), featured at HauteGREEN last week (check out our Sneak Peek series for more examples of what was at the show). Made from bamboo and created with the precision of CNC (computer numerical control) manufacturing, we really like the way the the clean lines work really nicely with the beautiful, intricate engravings in the back (which are optional, by the way, if you don't like them). Kalon is a German/American husband and wife team -- Johannes Pauwen and Michaele Simmering -- and so they're fond of saying their work was "inspired in Berlin, made in Los Angeles", where they follow a sustainable business model that includes the local production, 100% post-consumer recycled paper and vegetable inks for printed materials and non-toxic finishes for their furniture. There are more pics (and a cool quote from their site) after the jump. ::Kalon Studios


"3 blocks" -- nested and separate

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