Just What We Needed Dept: The Office Gym

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We do go on about the "Sitting Disease", what happens when you spend the whole day in a chair. The Office Gym promises an answer to the problem; they write:

Most common diseases, serious or minor ones, are directly caused by the lack of physical exercise. From cervical to back spine problems, from economy class to carpal tunnel syndrome, the continuous, light use of OfficeGym can just provide the minimum amount of exercise to avoid pain, drugs and costly therapies.

I just see one problem: You're still sitting down.

Office GymOffice Gym/Promo image

I wonder if a little bit of exercise pulling on this thing is better than nothing, or if it is actually worse, in that you might think that you never have to get out of your chair. Yes, it might get your heart pumping a little faster, which might get the blood moving in your legs, although your workmates might start to complain about the huffing and puffing. But you are still sitting on your ass, and that's where the problem is.

I am reminded of some of the terrific comments on my post Standing Desk Mania: The Backlash Begins that suggested sound alternatives to standing desks or gyms built into your chairs:

Here's a hint. If something hurts, like your eyes, wrist, or butt, the solution isn't another piece of ergonomic junk - it's called taking a break. Do it frequently. Go get a drink of water, go take a walk around the block, or at minimum, quit staring at a monitor for a few minutes each hour. That'll do far more for your health than the next wiz-bang consumer product.


My solution to the standing/sitting debate is shocking and novel. I work at a sitting desk. I use a chair. And about every fifteen to twenty minutes, I stand up, walk around for a couple of minutes, check on a few things. Get a drink of water, or a snack. Not a long period of time...maybe a minute, two.

Just What We Needed Dept: The Office Gym
Our big problem is "sitting disease." So why offer a product that works your upper body only?

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