Just What We Needed Dept: Electric Jar Opener

just what we needed department jar opener

It is no wonder our kitchens have grown so big, we need all the space to store what the Unclutterer calls "unitaskers", devices that do just one thing. And while removing the lids from recalcitrant jars can be tough, we have a dumb sheet of rubber in the drawer that does the job every time.


Do we really need to replace it with something that comes with safety warnings? That has motors and moving parts?

Product Description:

This handy Black & Decker Jar Opener has a collapsible design that adjusts to fit almost any size jar, from large to small. To use the Black & Decker Jar Opener, lift its handle and place a jar on the turntable. Lower the upper body to rest on top of the jar, and then press and hold the on/off button until the lid is loosened. That's it!

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