Just Roll it Up: The Curly Lamp from Fuz

fuz curly lamp photo
(Image: Fuz)

The intersection of beauty, functionality, and energy efficiency is what makes lamp design so fun. At TreeHugger we like us some lamps: eerie alien lamps, flat-pack lamps, lamps from reused materials, lamps that are their own packaging, ink cartridge lamps, cassette tape lamps, living lamps that clean the air. In case that doesn't make the point, here's thirteen more. Here's a practical one that won't revolutionize the lighting world, but might draw some nice compliments in the living room. The Curly Lamp, which is available in two sizes, is make by Fuz in the USA of recycled HDPE (100%). The shade ships unfurled and flat. Add a compact fluorescent and "voilà!," you're in the classy and clever lighting club.

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