Junkture Table: From Urban Junk to Urban Chic


Showcasing that beautiful things can be made from junk, Beth Fuller's Junkture Table rescues a magnesium wheel rim from a New York City junkyard to create an imaginative, unique coffee table. Going "from urban junk to urban chic" (Fuller's words), all materials for the table are locally sourced, reclaimed, 99% recycled and recyclable. It retains an urban edge while expressing a decidedly elegant form, a great combination that shows off its history as junk without looking junky.

We like this not because it's a table made from a wheel, but because of its imagination; the Junkture Table shows us that there is a second life for everything, and it can be as radically different as transportation transformed into interior furnishings. Not all wheels are equally suited to the task -- hey, it could have just as easily been a stupid, wagon wheel, Roy Rogers, garage sale coffee table -- but we always like to see beauty from unexpected sources like this. Hit the jump for more pics and more about the table, in the designer's words. ::Beth Fuller @ Coroflot via ::DesignSpotter


About the table, Fuller says, "The table's visual impact is striking due to its unique proportions and inherent optical illusions. Black glass frames the rim, masking the underlying steel support and making the table appear to float. The rim hovers several inches off the ground, and mesmerizing shadows are cast below. Opaque glass reflects the ceiling above, literally turning the world upside down."


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