Junk+ion: Recycling, Upcycling, Just Turning Upside Downing


Here is a good mental health break: Have a look at the work of the Israeli designers at Junk+ion.

[They] take everyday objects out of context, sometimes attaching them to others, unrelated, and at other times just turn them upside down on the table, take a step back and say: hmm...


This is very clever, very funny adhocism in action.

Junk+ion people love seeing objects in new ways, stuff that makes us think, stuff that makes us act, stuff that makes us laugh. We, apparently, love stuff.


Junk+ion people believe that there is enough stuff in the world already, and try to take from what there is. We often find our desires in what no longer interests others.


And very clever stuff it is. Junk+ion, found at Recyclart
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