Junk Suitcases Transformed To Chairs, Typewriters To Lamps (Photos)

recreate suitcase seat katie thompson photoImages: Katie Thompson of REcreate

For those looking for a more eclectic decorating look beyond minimalist lines (or a little DIY inspiration) it's always gratifying to see 'junk' repurposed into unique pieces. And so-called 'junk market decorating' ideas abound with South African company REcreate, which offers up surprising selections like suitcase seats, milk bottle and typewriter lamps and other quirky accessories. REcreate is the brainchild of interior designer Katie Thompson, an avid collector of "all things useless, impractical, broken, colourful and shiny" which are then turned into refreshing furniture with "Dadaist leanings".

Dadaist is an apt description as Thompson's various reupholstered seats made from old suitcases, for example, have a certain worldly and fantastic character.

recreate suitcase seat katie thompson photo
recreate suitcase seat katie thompson photo

Ditto for her line of cool lamps made from old Oliver and Remington typewriters, teacups and even an umbrella chandelier -- once junky and now lovingly made into funky.

recreate lamp katie thompson photo
recreate lamp katie thompson photo
recreate lamp katie thompson photo
recreate umbrella chandelier katie thompson photo

Want to see more? Check out the rest of REcreate's extensive collection on the website. For even more inspiration, take a look too at this 'Rethinking Trash into Inspired Art' slideshow (especially this awesome suitcase rocker by Crockett Bodelson).

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