Junk Mail Turned Into Gold Portraits to Treasure in Phoenix

Credit: Screenshot from www.schimmelart.com.

Junk mail. It gathers in your mailbox like flies to you know what. You can shred it, recycle it, sign up with junk mail killing services, and it still comes. An artist named Sandhi Schimmel Gold of Phoenix makes junk mail into works of art. She uses advertisements, menus, greeting cards, calendars and personal tax forms to create faces from mailbox trash. And she goes a step further, using re-purposed canvas and frames, and acid-free adhesives and lacquers.

"I create without waste," the artist says on her web site, adding that her art supplies come straight to her house. She just checks the mailbox.

Gold's junk mail art is being shown off at the Springs Preserve Museum in Las Vegas through March 15.

Americans receive an estimated 560 pieces of commercial mail per person each year, according to Earth911.com. That's enough paper waste to circle the globe more than 240 times. About half of the paper waste ends up buried in landfills. All of it could be recycled (or made into art).

Gold describes herself as a "rabid recycler" who's inspired by glass art and mosaics.

If you visit the exhibit, there's other eco-attractions to see. Springs Preserve has a Sustainability Gallery that features a Garbage Truck Theater and Compost Crawl.

Via: Earth911.com
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