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Junk in the Trunk, a woman-owned trash-collection business in Washington, DC is available to collect any excess baggage (large home or business or construction items) that you need to get rid of but don't know what to do with. You've heard of freecycle and other item-recycling services, but JITT takes the headache out of you having to coordinate and move the item yourself. Perfect for getting rid of large (heavy) items or things that you just don't know how to recycle, for a fee.The crew will come to your house (in their eye-catching pink truck), pick up your items (any home items, office items, or even construction waste) and then donate or recycle whatever you don't know how to get rid of in what they term their ECOVERY Box. Fees are based on how much of the truck you fill-up. They normally take 30 minutes to fill roughly 1/6 of the truck, but if it takes longer than the 3 hours, then there are a few extra fees. Other disposal fees at the landfill are already included in the price. If you need to dispose of tires and monitors, those are the only items that come with their own fees. Sorry, but they don't collect hazardous waste items.

Junk in the Trunk, in business since 2003, is also up for a few awards, including the Stevie Award for Women in Business and is a member of Coop America. Aside from being in the business of recycling, Junk in the Trunk also rewards employees for biking and taking public transit to work, and offsets the carbon emissions of the trucks. Look for Junk in the Trunk to open up shop in Baltimore, MD and Richmond, VA in 2009.

To get rid of large items in the Washington, DC area, give Junk in the Trunk a try. You can also try Freecycle or sometimes even your local resale shop will pick up the items if they are in good condition.

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