Jubilee Wharf: The Greenest Housing in Britain?


We have been waiting for pictures to write about the new Bill Dunster/ ZEDfactory development in Penryn and finally found these at Eye Candy.(Dunster was also architect for BedZED) The Jubilee Wharf project in this old Cornish town has a big zero in carbon emissions, four 6 Kw turbines, and a wood pellet biomass boiler that burns "cleanly and efficiently what is effectively compacted rubbish." It has been built as far as possible from local materials, including red cedar and larch, using local labour. According to the Guardian, "The maisonettes are a delight. Warm and cosy, each boasts what would once have been called a "sun lounge", an enclosed suntrap that retains whatever heat comes in through the living room windows looking out over the estuary. Wind cowls on the maisonette roofs provide ventilation when windows are shut, ushering in fresh air with the prevailing wind."


The Guardian concludes: "Jubilee Wharf should prove exceptionally cheap to run. More than this, Andrew Marston and Bill Dunster have shown an intelligent way for small towns to develop, economically and socially. Too many councils give in to the bullying demands of supermarket chains, as if these unsustainable land monsters were the only means of boosting employment and local income. How about a few, or more than a few, variations on the theme of Jubilee Wharf, reflecting the topography, style, local production, sentiments and ambitions of people in different parts of the country? Let's hope for more developments with the intelligence - if not always the creekside look - of Jubilee Wharf." ::Guardian