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Hunter Lovins, Director of The Rocky Mountain Institute, is just one of many great environmental thinkers and strategists who will be speaking at The Road to Ecotopia conference taking place in London next week. This Cineforum event has set the ambitious target of creating "a strategic vision of a sustainable future" in just one day. This seems like a tall order given the examples of climate summits all over the globe running a ground as we approach Copenhagen. So how are they going to do it?Here's a short video that the Cineforum team have made to explain what The Road to Ecotopia is all about:

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Speakers at The Road to Ecotopia include Hunter Lovins, Fritjof Capra, Polly Higgins, Bill Becker and John Elkington, with brilliant facilitators such as Lea Simpson and Andy Middleton. The Cineforum team also tell us that they will be creating "a strategic map of the next 10-20 years - which will detail the specific pathways available, informing decision making by identifying both the opportunity areas and barriers to creating a positive and sustainable future."

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You can join this "one-day 'collaboratory' of the best thinkers, mavericks, strategists, scientists and pioneers and spend a day synthesising this collective brainpower into a shared strategic vision of the future we want, benefiting all contributors - a high quality, one day download of the latest thinking and emerging practice." Amazingly Cineforum are offering TreeHugger readers the Cineforum Network Pass which is 2 tickets for the price of 1! Please use the code 'net24' when purchasing your tickets.

We look forward to seeing what can be acheived in just one day when a dedicated group put their minds to it. This should be a fantastic warm up to Copenhagen, aided perhaps by the absence of the conflicting political agendas that have been stalling the global climate talks so far.

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