John Houshmand's Mulberry Bench


We first heard of multi-talented John Houshmand way back in September 2004; since then, he's moved into his own showroom in SoHo and continued to design and build very compelling furniture. The musician, sculptor, designer & artist creates tables, benches, shelving and other pieces made using solid, natural-edge slabs of wood that are mostly made from salvaged or sustainably harvested American timber; this Mulberry low table/bench (item no. 0052 in his collection) nicely combines smoothly curved steel with the randomly beautiful edge of the minimally-milled wood. Many of Houshmand's pieces offset the spare, calculated look of steel or glass with the organic shapes only to be found in beautiful old wood, letting the natural beauty of the wood take center stage -- a technique the designer uses to great effect. His website alludes to more new pieces coming in 2007; we're glad we won't have to wait long to see them. ::John Houshmand via ::Apartment Therapy