John Hix builds "eco-chic" in the Caribbean


One of the first architects we ever met with any concern for the environment was John Hix, who wrote the influential book "the Glass House" in 1974- The things that he did with nothing (we remember inflatable ventilation ducts made from clear poly) were amazing. We are pleased to learn that he is still doing so much with the most minimal of materials at his house in Puerto Rico. Its materials are simple, based on the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi- "as things age, they become more beautiful" says John. It has rainwater collection and solar panels, but what we really like is the way it has just big openings to frame views but no windows- pine doors can be folded out if the bugs get too bad.


In a climate such as this you do not need to do much other than keep out the rain, except of course when the storms come. So it is solid, hurricane, earthquake and fireproof.


guest room


kitchen and sideboard

Quite the transformation from the John Hix of Glass Houses to today's John Hix of Block and cement, but still concerned about materials, the environment and energy as he always was. ::John Hix Island House via ::Living Etc