John Fekner's Top 20 Cash for Clunkers

Cash For Clunkers Decay Whitecar photo

Spotted over at Wooster Collective, John Fekner's ephemeral tribute to the American clunker appears just in time, before "Cash For Clunkers" clears the streets of decaying rustbuckets.

We set Fekner's photo-commentary on the modern condition of man into a slideshow accompanied by lines from Oliver Goldsmith's 18th century poem mourning the decay of man in the face of "trade's unfeeling train". Any modern swain on the down and out in Detroit or New York will appreciate the work of Fekner, who has been called "Caption writer to the urban environment, ad-man for the opposition." (Lucy Lippard in the Village Voice)

Artist John Fekner's Top 20 Cash for Clunkers
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