John Dahlsen Environmental Art

John Dahlsen Environmental Art
John Dahlsen makes works of art out of plastic detritus found on Australian beaches. The work seen here, "Gold Coast", was constructed with colored plastic debris known as "ocean litter" -- litter which has been dumped in the ocean or rivers, and is deposited on beaches from the ocean on currents and tides worldwide.Dahlsen's use of these found objects came about by accident. He was collecting driftwood on a remote Victorian coastline with the intention of making furniture, when stumpled upon a large amount of debris. He saw a whole new palette of color and shape in the washed-up plastic.


"Made In China"

He also make sculptures using the found objects, such as this "Thong Totem", which is constructed from thongs/flipflops found on various Australia beaches.


"Thong Totem"

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