Joey Roth's Sorapot


"Designer Joey Roth calls his baby the Sorapot. It’s a radically minimalist reinterpretation of the teapot — a vision transforming a familiar, everyday item into something more like modern art. And, unlike many conventional teapots, the Sorapot’s glass and metal components are fully recyclable."

TreeHugger contributor Joey Roth is so modest; his reinvention of the teapot has been on so many design websites but never on TreeHugger. We are correcting that because it is a complete reinvention of the way a teapot works; It turns it into a show.

Sorapot instructions from Joey Roth on Vimeo.

Joey says "I’ve always been entranced by small, beautiful things that are so detailed, they seem like miniature worlds, yet so ordinary they’re often left unnoticed. I designed Sorapot to emphasize one of my favorite- the unfurling of tea leaves. Sorapot suspends the process of tea making in a glass tube a few centimeters above your tabletop. Unlike standard teapots that confine tealeaves in a small mesh basket, your leaves will have full run of Sorapot’s interior as they unfurl and change the hot water into tea. You might even see a tea-colored shadow cast by sunlight that passes through the tube and comes to rest in a gossamer puddle on your table."

Buy online (limited run of 300) ::from Joey Roth


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