Joel Voisard 3Design's Ottomen: Modern Meets Vintage


Shrewdly combining a respect for history and a current sensibility, Joel Voisard's 3Designs cool ottomans are centered on manufacturing and factory parts boxes from the 1920's. He spices them up by blending in found components, such as fixtures, casters, and even old stereo knobs with high-end upholstery giving each piece a polished, vintage feel that transcends different eras and becoming a funky compilation of innovative characteristics and classic persona. The finished pieces also open and can be used for storage. Above is "Animal," which Voisard characterizes as representing "the concrete jungle of NYC"; we love the almost cartoony juxtaposition of materials and style. Beneath the fold: pics of something called "White Knuckler." Put your feet up at ::Voisard 3Design



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