Jill-able Fill Me Up Vases: Flowers for the Flat-Pack Enthusiast


If Ralph Waldo Emerson was right when he said, "Earth laughs in flowers, then Jill-able's Fill Me Up Vases are helping to spread that laughter. The smart, imminently reusable, infinitely portable vases are perfectly functional when in use, and simply fold up flat and store in the tiniest of spaces, making it easy to always have a vase handy or take it with you when giving (organic) cut flowers as a gift.

The user instructions go something like this: Fill vase with water; add flowers; Enjoy!; when done, empty water and store flat; re-use again and again and again! They're available in a variety of fun colors and designs to complement your favorite bouquet. Once you go flat, you never go back...::Jill-able Fill Me Up Vases via ::MoCo Loco
Update: After further review, these appear to be a clever knockoff of the Vazu flat pack vases we covered back in February, that are available in Canada. Shucks.

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