Jargon Watch: Fattelo. It's Italian for Do It Yourself, and here is a lamp to get you started

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DIY doesn't roll off the tongue. The Italian word, Fattelo, sounds so much better. Put a !™ on the end of it and you have a new company that is producing open source downloadable designs so that you can do it yourself, or complete versions that they will sell for you to assemble.

Their first product is the 01Lamp, which you can cut out of a pizza box. The designers tell Gizmag:

"The idea was born almost by accident", Fattelo designer and founder Federico Trucchia tells Gizmag. "The best method for making a prototype quickly is to use materials that you have at home. Therefore by using pizza boxes, I started to play around with a lamp design, which was then later developed into the open source project we have today."

The design bears a resemblance to Wästberg's Durapulp lamp that was Best of Show at ICFF in 2011. That design is still working its way through the production process; the 01Lamp is available now.

The advantage of buying the lamp instead of cutting it yourself, besides the fact that it isn't covered in cheese and tomato sauce, is that you get all the electrical components, high quality board and a neat design, even when unassembled. And, you get to support a young Italian startup.

The designers write:

Fattelo!™ promotes customer participation, trusting in the collective know-how of its customers, transcending barriers, and encouraging a return to a hands-on attitude and the capacity of every human to think, interact, and create.

So my only question is, why do they put a !™ after a word that is in common use? More at Fattelo!™

Long before we started covering 3D printing, we called our category Downloadable Design. I thought this was a much more accessible and realistic way of dematerializing the manufacturing process, shipping designs via the internet instead of stuff by the containerload. 3D printing gets all the pixels and the ink, but these guys at Fattelo!™ are onto something bigger: good design that you can print out and assemble with a knife and a bit of glue, which is a lot cheaper than a home 3D printer.

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Jargon Watch: Fattelo. It's Italian for Do It Yourself, and here is a lamp to get you started
The 01Lamp is a demonstration of what we have been calling downloadable design; you can make it from a pizza box.

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