Jargon Watch: Acronyms Every Green Urbanist Should Know

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Everybody knows NIMBY and even BANANA, but there are a lot more abbreviations for those people and organizations that want to obstruct or delay projects, be it a wind turbine, bike lane, or urban intensification. Yuri Artibise rounds up 15, including some gems:

  • CAVE[people]: Citizens Against Virtually Everything
  • DBTD: Death By a Thousand Days--another common tactic used by planners to "fix" a project they don't like.
  • MIGA: Make It Go Away
  • RUID: Review Until It Dies
  • and my favourite, because I have met so many: DUDE: Developer Under Delusions of Entitlement

Yuri also points to a far more extensive list on Planetizen.This list has 22 versions of NIMBY:

BANYs Builders Against NIMBYs [Not In My Backyard Activists]
GOAH Gedoudaheah
GOOMBA Get out of my business area
GUMBY Gaze upon my backyard [Opponents of residential walls and fences]
KIIMBY Keep it in my backyard
NIABY Not in anyone's backyard
NIMD Not in my district
NIMEY Not in my election year
NIMFOS Not in my field of sight
NIMFYE Not in my front yard either
NIMTOO Not in my term of office
NITL Not in this lifetime
NOPE Not on planet earth
NORF No observable redeeming features
NOT None of that
NOTE Not over there either
NUMBY Not under my backyard
PIITBY Put it in their backyard
QUIMBY Quit urbanizing in my backyard
WIIFM What's in it for me?
YIMBY Yes in my backyard

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