Jamboree Dog Bed Sticks It to Flying Fur

Jamboree Dog Bed photo
Photo credit: Ilya Fridman

Ah, pet hair, the scourge of dog and cat owners everywhere. To solve this perennial problem, one Australian designer came up with a prototype for a dog hammock that not only draws shed fur through the magic of electrostatic attraction, but it can also be disassembled to swiftly dispose of the offending tufts.

Made from discarded rubber flip flops, the Jamboree Dog Bed generates a static charge that captures loose fur. Because of the interlocking design, the individual pieces can be swapped around for variability (color blindness in dogs is apparently a misconception) or removed for cleaning. The Jamboree's ease of deconstruction also allows the bed to be taken apart when it no longer serves its purpose and its materials reused or redistributed, according to Ilya Fridman of the Victorian Eco Innovation Lab, making the cozy lounger one small step for the planet, one giant leap for fuzzball-loving neatniks everywhere.

[Via Trend Hunter]

Jamboree Dog Bed photo
Photo credit: Ilya Fridman
Jamboree Dog Bed photo
Photo credit: Ilya Fridman
Jamboree Dog Bed photo
Photo credit: Ilya Fridman
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