Jake Dyson's LED Desk Lamp WIll Light Up Longer Than You Will

Jake Dyson at ICFFLloyd Alter/ Jake Dyson at ICFF/CC BY 2.0

LEDs can last almost forever, but they often burn out early because they generate a lot of heat in a very small area. British designer Jake Dyson has built a heat pipe into the structure of the CSYS lamp to carry the heat away from the LEDs and then use the arm of the lamp as a heat sink to carry the heat away from the lamp.

CSYS lampJake Dyson Products/Promo image

The result is an elegant desk lamp that is cool to the touch, with a look inspired by a construction crane. It moves up and down, in and out, and around with the touch of a finger.

Dyson writes:

Heat pipe technology was developed for use in satellites and is now most commonly used to help cool microprocessors. The primary role of a heat pipe is to conduct heat away from its source. The heat pipe within the CSYS LED task light conducts heat away from the LEDs and distributes it evenly over the length of the heat sink. It uses no external pumps or extra energy to cool the LEDs and is instrumental in keeping the CSYS task light running brightly and efficiently for 37+ years.

heat pipe in armLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

The heat pipe is the copper tube seen above. More at Jake Dyson Products

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