Jake Dyson introduces hot new LED office lighting fixture

Dyson CU
CC BY 2.0 Lloyd Alter/ Dyson CU light

We’re fans of James Dyson, the industrial designer and inventor of vacuums, hand dryers and fans, but his lighting designer son Jake makes us light up too; we met him and his desk lamp at ICFF a few years ago. The CSYS desk lamp had a very cool cooling system with a heat pipe:

dyson cu in lobbyLloyd Alter/ Dyson CU fixtures in tubular display/CC BY 2.0

Now Jake has introduced a hotter, bigger fixture for the boardroom or office with the C-Beam fixture. It comes in two versions, a down-light that lays down a bright rectangle of light on the table, or an up-light version that casts a really bright wide pool of light. I checked it out at IIDEXCanada, the commercial interior show that is a shadow of its former self but still full of interesting things.

CU light© Jake Dyson

It is all dramatic looking, with those aluminum fins that distribute the heat. They let Jake specify a light source that pumps out a serious 7170 lumens (a 60 Watt equivalent bulb is 800 lumens). The heat pipe and fins keep it cool enough that They estimate the fixture will last for 180,000 hours. It also runs at an efficient 90 lumens per watt of electricity.

heat pipes© Jake Dyson

Most fixtures we see have multiple LEDs, but according to Dyson, that makes it much hard to establish directional control. “With a single high-power LED, precise directional optics and adjustable trim blades, the Cu-Beam™ down-light projects light precisely where you need it.”

heat pipe workings© Jake Dyson

In some ways, it is a bit confusing; a perfect LED shouldn’t be wasting energy as heat, but would emit all its energy as light. Dyson’s fixtures seem to put out a surprising amount of heat, but then they are emitting heat and light from a very small concentrated source, so I suppose that is what makes them different.

Jake Dyson at ICFFLloyd Alter/ Jake Dyson at ICFF/CC BY 2.0

Last year Jake’s company was acquired by Dyson Sr, so now he is part of the company, perhaps being groomed to take over. But I do hope he keeps lighting the way. More at Dyson.

Jake Dyson introduces hot new LED office lighting fixture
It keeps the bulb cool with a heat pipe and aluminum fins.

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