I.V. Bags for Your Potted Plants by Vitamin

IV Plant Pot by Vitamin photo

We know drip irrigation is probably the most efficient way to water plants in terms of saving water. So here is a new quirky design by London-based studio Vitamin, A Life Less Ordinary, who has taken the drip system quite literally and created I.V. Plant Pots. Their lightweight fibreglass plant pots come with refillable I.V. bags (yes, the ones you see in hospitals), hooked to an adjustable metal rod. A flow regulator makes it possible to adjust the watering rates suitable for each plant. And the best thing is that it’s easy to see when the I.V. bags need topping up so your plants don’t have to call you on the phone when they are thirsty. The small pots are £75 and the large ones £159,50, both available via the Vitamin online store. Via ::London Design Festival ::Vitamin, a Life Less Ordinary

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