It's Shed Week! Vote Now!

Modern sheds have become popular in North America as a cheap and legal way to get into modern prefab; most zoning bylaws exempt buildings under a hundred square feet and designers rushed into this void with the likes of ::Modernshed, ::Edward Blazona's designs, ::Deck House and many others. They are great demonstrations of the efficient use of small spaces.

Over in the UK they have been building garden sheds for years, have a fabulous blog by Alex Johnson called ::Shedworking that we have been brazenly milking, and a website called ::Readersheds, a National Shed Week starting Monday, June 25 and a Shed of the year competition with nearly seven hundred entries.There are Tardises, modern sheds, a few American entries and a lot of very English traditional ones, but who knew there were so many shedheads. Vote for your favourite shed at ::We Heart ShedsI voted for the crystal shed.....


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