It's a giant walking geodesic dome

walking pod
Screen capture Walking Pod

So imagine that Bucky Fuller, the dome guy, and Theo Jansen, the Strandbeest guy, walk into a bar and meet welder Scott Parenteau, and the Giant Walking Pod Robot is born. It wowed the crowd at Maker Faire recently where this video was made.

According to Dvice it has a rooftop solar panel and a wind turbine driving it at a speedy .02 miles per hour. It was seen last year at Burning Man; Core77 wrote at the time:

With time and money constraints he spent his free weekends and nights searching for surplus materials to construct his geodesic mutant vehicle. Fabricating parts in his workshop using only his welding skills and a CNC plasma table, Scott planned and built the vehicle in 3 months. Constructed from scrap metal parts, sheet metal, tubing, industrial dishwasher motors, deep cell batteries, speed controllers and polycarbonate scraps the vehicle weighs approximately the same as a VW beetle at 1800 pounds.

It reminds me of the N55 Walking House.

It's a giant walking geodesic dome
Scott Parenteau welds it all together from scrap metal and dishwasher parts at Maker Faire.

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