It's a Chair; It's a Table; It's Another Table: It's Tona


The good people at Yanko Design say "multipurpose furniture really is the trend of 2007," and we have to agree. Whether its a chair into a suitcase, chairs into a table, or a chair into a different chair, we can't seem to get enough of the multiple function/one piece combination. Today's example is the Tona Chair from Argentinian designer Diego Gonzalez King. Through some clever design, he's created a singular piece that can be a chair or one of two tables with a quick, 90 degree rotation. Similar in concept to the Series X furniture, designer King uses a keen understanding of shape to create a piece that's modern, versatile and supremely functional; check out another pic of the piece "in action" below the fold. ::Diego Gonzalez King via ::Yanko Design


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