It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's...An Office Supply?


Any guesses as to what this thing is? Here are some hints: you could probably use it every day; it would live on your desk; and it employs hanging chads (yep, the same little guys that caused all that ruckus down in Florida a few years back). Give up? It's a "staple-less stapler," which is sort of a silly name for it, because it doesn't use staples. In any event, the sleek little guy will "staple," with a hanging chad, up to five sheets of paper together, and while cutting back on staples might seem a bit trivial, consider this: we would save 120 tons of steel if every office worker used one less staple a day for a year (hat tip to ecofabulous for that nugget). While five sheets won't cover all the paper you have to connect, some double-sided printing would help increase your new "stapling" capacity. It's available from ::Amazon via ::Apartment Therapy: Green

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