It Slices, It Dices: Perfect Perch; Portable, Cheap, Lightweight, Green Seating


22 year-old student designer James Chu set out to design and create "portable, cheap, lightweight and eco-friendly furniture," and the result is Perfect Perch: a modular, multi-functional, cardboard chair. According to the site, "The initial challenge was to produce a commercially viable temporary seating solution. The target market at the time -- students -- meant that the chairs had to be made from a material that was very low cost and have minimal disposal impact - cardboard."

Using the chair, which can be folded up for easy transport and also used as a bag, is as easy as 1, 2, 3; just stop, pop, and perch. And James is no dummy when it comes to marketing the Perch; he's designed it to function as an advertising space as well, envisioning a big market: "Somewhere like Goodwood Racecourse could commission 1,000 carrying their name or a sponsor’s message and people could use them at the racecourse and then take them home afterwards. They would make excellent souvenirs."

Perfect Perch, which might just prove that thecardboard chair is really coming back, is in production now; contact James through the site for more info. ::Perfect Perch via ::NotCot

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