It Slices, It Dices: Luís Porém's Inverso Chair


Rock 'n roll, or sit tight? The choice is yours with the dual-functioning Inverso chair by Portuguese designer Luís Porém. Set up one way, it's a gentle rocking chair; flip it over and you've got a sturdy side chair. It's a really sleek, smart design; in both "modes," it looks like the chair was designed for that singular purpose, and we can't decide which one looks better.

Appreciably less wacky than the rocking wheel chair and arguably more functional than Peter Danko's Gotham chair (Inverso has got the two-chairs-in-one thing going for it. Which is nice.), we could see Inverso on a nice sunny outdoor patio or even gathered around a small kitchen table. The fabric and plastic versions (pictured after the jump) are decidedly more futuristic-looking; pick your favorite at ::Luís Porém via ::MoCo Loco