It Slices, It Dices: Fusion Dining/Pool Table Combo

Fusion Pool Table Dining Table combination

Too often, our dining tables are relegated to dust-collecting duty when it isn't dinner time. Functioning in the same way beds do in our lives -- that is, totally necessary when we need them, but just occupying space when we don't -- few dining tables offer the functional equivalent of something like a futon that can become a couch when not in use for its other purpose as a bed. Fusion Tables hopes to change that, by combining dining and billiards into one table. Yep, a pool table that changes into an elegant dining table, and back again, in just a few seconds.

It might not be quite as smart as the Ex Libris Bookshelf Table, but we bet it's more fun. Hit the jump to see more pics of it converting, and in classy dining mode. ::Fusion Tables via ::Freshome

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Fusion Pool Table Dining Table, changing modes

Fusion Pool Table Dining Table, dining mode

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