It Slices, It Dices: Form Creates Function in New Arne Jacobsen Chair


Dutch design team Huting & De Hoop have launched a new site to showcase their new work. Their collection includes this awesome Arne Jacobsen update, which they call "Added Values and Forms," which takes the classic chair up a notch or two with an integrated lamp and little table. We love how this one piece can create a little reading nook, all by itself.

Another piece that caught our eye is "Quarter," a modular shelving system that puzzle-pieces itself together to create a utilitarian, modern shelf/room divider (it's pictured after the jump). It's made from oriented strand board (OSB), and the jury's still out about its environmental impact; unfortunately, Huting & De Hoop don't say which side of the green fence their material comes down on.

Lots more good stuff to see at ::Huting & De Hoop via ::Core77


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