It Slices, It Dices: Bookseat -- Take a Seat, Read a Book

Bookseat combines a bookshelf and a chair

The idea of combining a chair and a bookshelf makes a lot of sense to us; since we spend most (if not all) of our reading time seated, it follows that we should have ready access to our reading material. We've seen a few of these ideas before -- check out the geometric Bibliochaise and multi-functional Bookinist, which includes a reading lamp, cup holder, and even a wheel for easy moving -- and now add Bookseat, from Toronto-based Fishbol Design Atelier, to the growing list.

Noted as one of the "Ten Must-Sees" at the recent Toronto Interior Design Show 2008, Bookseat combines suavely-bent plywood with smart use of space to create an elegant, useful piece. It'll be available with a felt cushion in customizable colors sometime this spring. Hit the jump to see the chair in various stages of production and at the show. ::Fishbol Design Atelier via ::Design Spotter

Bookseat shelf chair combo in production

Bookseat shelf chair combo clamped

Bookseat shelf chair combo at the Toronto Interior Design Show 08

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