Istanbul's Green-Design Innovators

semiha kan rug n roll chair photoAmple Sample 2008/Promo image
. Semiha Kan made this chair out of carpet samples.

Although the 2nd annual i-deco Istanbul Decoration and Design Fair billed itself as "inspired by nature," there was little green in evidence beyond the grass covering the entry-hall floor. But amid the over-upholstered and garishly gilded furniture hid some ingenious gems -- designers working with recycled and alternative materials and creating multi-purpose furniture for small spaces.

Creative Use of Space:

. Dual-purpose furniture for small spaces by Serap Bora.

Not surprisingly, the area devoted to young designers was the right place to start a search for sustainable style. Serap Bora's mod green-and-white wooden furniture all played (at least) double-duty -- a a side table/magazine rack (at left, above) flipped up to create a simple seat, while another small table sported a built-in flower vase and storage space inside.

Recycling Rugs:

semiha with rug chair photo

Designer Semiha Kan with her Rug'n'Roll chair.

Bora's friend Semiha Kan, a recent graduate from Istanbul Technical University, was showing off her Rug'n'Roll chair, a finalist in the 2008 Ample Sample competition to repurpose carpet samples. Incorporating layers of colorful floor coverings, the Rug'n'Roll seemed both classically Turkish and perfectly up-to-date. (Check out the downloadable diagram to see how she put it together.)

Paper chairs, bamboo lights, and recycled-plastic bowls on page 2

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