Is This Ecotopia? Life at Findhorn Ecovillage (Video)

findhorn eco village photo

Image credit: The Journey TV

It's been a while since I checked in on The Journey TV—the travelling documentary project that brought us videos on an underused train station turned gardening hub, one man's efforts to restore 600 square miles of ancient forest, a massive and informal stash of recycled bikes, reclaimed timber lumber yards, and even a (once) illegal roundhouse. Their latest foray into grassroots, community-led environmental change is equally inspiring, as The Journey travels to the world-famous Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland to find out what life there is like.

To those in the know, Findhorn will be a familiar name. As one of the pioneering communities that helped found the Global Ecovillage Network, residents at Findhorn have no doubt paved the way for hundreds of other communities around the world to follow. Based on an old airforce base in Scotland, the community regularly hosts conferences, courses and other events aimed at exploring and promoting sustainable ways of living.

Now as someone who has visited a fair few ecovillages in his time, I must say the video below paints a pretty rosy picture of everyone working in harmony. Inevitably, any such experiment in more communal, or at least cooperative, living will involve some hard work setting up processes for communication, decision making and conflict resolution. It might have been nice to hear some more about those challenges, and how the community has overcome them. But then, that would be a much longer video...

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