iPhone Docks Made From Beautiful Vintage Books

vintage book dock photo
Photos by Rich and Brenna Neeley

For Apple product users, the style is minimalist and modern, right? But what if you love both your iPhone, and all things vintage? What if you love both your minimalist iPhone, and the clutter of old, beautiful books on your desk? Well, there's an iPhone dock that will give you both. vintage book dock photo

Rich and Brenna Neeley -- aka Inbook on Etsy -- make iPhone charging docks out of books. About half of their products are real vintage and salvaged books, and about half are new vintage-style books (since some people want even old stuff to be crisp and shiny). However, they're moving into more and more salvaged books for their products.

vintage book dock photo

The Neeley's write, "As a Comparitive Lit. major, Brenna chooses to recycle only those books that won't be given their due acknowledgement elsewhere." In otherwords, they're on their way to landfill, or will languish on a dark shelf anyway, so they may as well be repurposed (and some may even say upcycled) into an appreciated stand for your less-green-but-more-useful iPhone.

And, they let me know that they use felt and yarn that are recycled from post-consumer plastic bottles in their packaging. Nice touch.

vintage book dock photo

You can have a single book, or two to three piled atop one another. The docks run from about $50 to $60, depending on what you get. It's a fair price for an entirely one-of-a-kind product. Each stand is entirely unique and can't be copied.

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vintage book dock photo
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