iPhone Cases Made from Agricultural Waste and Recycled Plastic

miniwiz-iphone-case-recycled-trash photo

Photo: Miniwiz

The next time someone says your iPhone case looks like you found it in the trash, you can take it as a compliment. But that's only if you've got a ReCase from Miniwiz, made from 100% recycled agricultural waste and post-consumer plastic.

miniwiz-iphone-case-recycled-trash photo

The Miniwiz iPhone cases are also made to carry credit cards and an RFID card, so you have the option of tracking your phone should you lose it.

The material comes from by-products of rice farming- the rice husks are combined with the plastic to form POLLIBERâ„¢. That makes it more than a little tricky to make yourself, but if you're in a DIY mood, we've got you covered.

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