Invisible House by R&Sie; (n)


Now here is a project that we can really call a Grow House- Spidernethewood by R&Sie; in Nimes, France, for Urbain and Elisabeth Souriau. As best as we can figure from the architectspeak, it is a 4000 square foot summer house on two floors, with a 20,000 square foot "outdoor labyrinth" of polypropylene mesh wrapped around trees in a plantation; in five years the trees will be at the "right level."

We probably have to wait a while to see this grow into its own, but it is an interesting idea: create a framework, an infrastructure, and let the environment grow around you.


"Individual housing as a spider net creating clearing of a forest:"


1) Over density of existing forest plantation (trees will be at the right level in 5 years)


3) Netting and Wrapping the forecasted size of adult trees with a polypropylene mesh to develop a labyrinth in the branches


4) Including an Stealth indoor 400 m² summer building, on two floor, plugged and over connected to this labyrinth by huge sliding glass door (7x3.5 meters)


5) Blurring the boundaries inside/outside for a porosity sensation and windy refreshing


6) Living behind the indoor extension of the labyrinth / behind the plastic strip curtain, in an ''under-construction step’’, with no-design from the nearest corner shop mall.

A year later:


7) LOST GAME in the neighboorhood (in five years) for an architecture without any façade


::New Territories via ::Plataforma Arquitectura

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