InterConnection: Recycling Computers for Developing Countries

Like eBay’s Rethink initiative, Ease-e-waste, and others, Seattle’s InterConnection program will take what you think of as your junky old electronics and see it to it that they’re recycled properly. As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure, and the adage is never more apparent than when it comes to first- versus third-world electronics availability. That's why InterConnection distributes computers and other electronics to developing nations around the world, or, if necessary, sees to it that they get recycled. The organization enhances the vision of non-profits around the globe by providing high-quality Internet services, such as Web site development, to all economic sectors. They also provide learning materials, training, tools, and networking systems. Though you’ll need to live locally in order to donate your old wares, the group does have an extensive online volunteer work force that you can join. Thanks to Brad H. for the tip. ::InterConnection [by MO]