Intellivent: Decentralizing Control


We often talk about how little control we have over our environment; if you rent or share a flat it is difficult to agree on the temperature and if people keep different hours it is hard to deal with setback thermostats. That is why this Intellivent is such an interesting idea- it shifts the responsibility for deciding on what temperature when right down to the end of the pipe.

You don't need the building super either; "Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a complicated zone-based thermostat system, the Programmable IntelliVent will do this for you automatically. The Programmable IntelliVent installs easily in any floor vent opening and uses a programmable interface to open and close the vent based on when you want the room heated." It's cheap at $30 too.

Most apartments don't have this kind of heating grill but most houses do. Next step: add a motion detector to it. ::IntelliVent via ::Apartment Therapy

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